final ordering deadline: sun oct. 30th  

  1. Crisp, refreshing, artfully made black & white images

  2. Multiple captures offered in an online personal gallery

  3. Both physical prints and digital downloads available

  4. Reasonable, straight forward prices and packages

  5. Delivered right to your door via a professional lab!


Thanks so much! I'm also an arts educator by training. I differentiate .. that's fancy teacher talk for the ability to treat everyone as a fierce and fascinating individual. I adore drawing out little quips and glimmers of each student's personality. I have some shake their hair. Or wriggle and spin. Or jump! .. Anything to loosen and let our initial awkwardness as recent strangers evaporate. These mini photo shoots are a couple minutes at most. I click lots, smile, exude energy and acceptance, ask thoughtful questions and pause to actually listen. I like to think that when someone feels truly seen and affirmed for who they are, if even or a flash second - the self-conscious guard drops and brilliant fleeting expressions surface for me to snap. I like when kids feel free to be themselves - and I try to be quick and fun in capturing what they offer me. It's really been a privilege to document all these wonderful young spirits over the years and I'm always wow-d by their generous exuberance! 


I am smitten by the crisp coolness of a black and white portrait. They carry a refreshing timeless look. B+W is at once both bold and delicate, raw and seamless. In Lightroom, I hand edit chosen frames, adjusting for highlights and shadows, exposure and contrast, tints and temperatures etc. until I reach a perfect alchemy and the photo really sings. I find that the expression of the subject is beautifully heightened because of this intentional minimalism. We are known for this cool aesthetic and design-minded schools invite us to document their students using this distinct approach.


A fraction of the families we serve, typically hovering at around 2%, are interested in ordering additional color edits as well. It might be that their son has super cool emerald eyes or their daughter proudly wore a favorite vibrant scarf. If your heart is set on it, send us a quick note commissioning us to create a custom color gallery. For the additional time required to prepare the files, your shopping cart options will be updated to reflect our added investment. For example, the all digital download for the B+W files priced at $75 would jump to $120 to include color. Expect a speedy 48 hour turnaround and your gallery refreshed with both B+W and color options mingled. 

What should I do with my digital files?

Make them tangible! Besides archiving them on an external hard drive for family posterity, there's nothing like prints in hand. I implore you .. please do NOT send your files to quickie cheap corner store photo kiosks or costco. Although convenient, I guarantee quality will be compromised, and you'd be indignant at true side by side comparisons. I recommend Artifact Uprising, Parabo PressSocial Print Studio, Persnickety Prints, and MPIX. Their products are playful and lasting. Turn data into something that will delight you through decades. Because you've (wisely!) acquired the high resolution images, you have full creative reign. The possibilities are endless.

do you offer retakes?

We work very closely with your school to ensure that every student has a chance to have their portrait taken during our spacious time commitment on campus, often up to three distinct days of shooting. If you child was not able to be present on the day scheduled specifically for him or her, office administration will individually coordinate their mini photo shoot for any of the other available days we have committed to be on campus. If again, your child was not able to make it with these extra date options, we unfortunately are not able to accommodate an additional visit to the school beyond our set contract. 

we forgot to purchase by the deadline..

If you for whatever reason were not able to purchase during the ordering window and missed the deadline, we can re-create and re-open your child's gallery for viewing for one week for an additional $15 to compensate for added time devoted to file management. We have found that most families enjoy viewing and deliberating on the perfect package or print combination for a couple days and usually place orders quite close to the deadline - adults procrastinate too! If you missed out the first time around and intended to place an order, let us know and we'd be happy to send you a private link to a refreshed gallery.

Why do i need to check out twice?

Prints purchased from the group gallery are delivered and distributed directly to the school. Print orders made through the individual student galleries are mailed to the home address you provide. Individual galleries require a $35 minimum investment while the group gallery has none. Even though it would be wonderful to be able to combine these two processes, we kindly ask that you take the extra step to complete a separate transaction in each gallery, as this allows us to ensure that every student has their a private gallery while still allowing hundreds of their peers to view the public group gallery collectively. It's a savvy work-around we have engineered to allow us to offer the huge range of options available.

may i get in touch?

Yes, please do! Direct any outstanding inquiries, rants or sweet raves to alexaheung@gmail.com and I will do my best to respond with a personal note within 72 hours. As both an artist-entrepreneur and young mother - I love my work, look to uplift others, and warmly welcome your contribution. It's also always particularly heartening when parents share their enthusiasm with the school themselves.